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Envy    Ice Queen
$ 13      $ 13   
$ 21    Xotic Eyes Envy complete kit   $ 24    Ice Queen Self Adhesive Eye Makeup Strips complete kit


$ 13   
$ 21    Circa eye makeup strips from xotic


Complete Kit includes:
Eye Strips
Glitter Eye Shadow
False Eyelashes
Eyelash Glue
Self adhesive strips covered with luscious color and sparkles 

Worn by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton
Very sticky backing that won't fall off
New breakthrough in peal and stick backing for skin
Can be removed and re-used many times
Comfortable to wear...you can sleep in them
Can be worn for days without removal
Put them on at the start of a music festival and leave them on until it is over
Bedazzle your eyes for a striking night club look
Fabulous at Burning Man!
Stays on in the heat, and while dancing. 
See instructions below to learn how to apply your eyes
Water resistant, used in water shows
Can be used for Vajazzling, stays on longer
Great for performers
Latex free
Real crystals on most designs...bright sparkles!


Valentine's Heart Half Mask   Circa
$ 11.50   $ 13   
  $ 21    Circa eye makeup strips from xotic


Black Swan  $ 39   Cheetah
Black Swan Eye makeup strips   $ 13   
    $ 21    Cheetah Eyes complete kit




Xotic Eyes Blaze eyewear for Burning Man
Peacock  $ 13   Blaze 
  $ 13   
    $ 21   




Illusion   Pink Cheetah
$ 13      $ 13   
$ 21    Illusion eyes complete kit    


Eye embelishments from Xotic Eyes Midnight color  
Midnight   Azure  $ 21
$ 13     Azure eyes self adhesive makeup strips
$ 21       


Purrr  $ 21   Mazuri  $ 21
Purrr eyes from Xotic Eyes   Mazuri Eyes


  Passion pink sparkle eye deorationsPassion Eyes self adhesive eye makeup strips
Villain    Passion 
$ 13      $ 13   
$ 24    Villain Eyes Complete Kit   $ 21    Xotic Eyes Passion complete kit


Stormy eyewear for dramatic eyes  
Stormy  $ 21   Isis
Stormy Eyes makeup strips   $ 13   
    $ 21    Isis Eyes kit


Athena   Burlesque Red Feather Eye Fan

Shown with "Swirls" Below

$ 21   $ 13


Cotton Candy  $ 21   Vexxed  $ 21



Candy  Works well with Santa costumes, Click here to see our Santa Page

$ 21

  Angelic Eyes Go well with our Angelic Body art, click here.

$ 23.70



Bella $ 21   Coral   $ 21


Exotica   $ 21   Lush   $ 21


Jasmine $ 21   Holly Half Mask $ 12


Gaga/Pop Star Half Mask $ 12   Snowflake Half Mask $ 11


"Sweet" Cat Wings eyes   $ 10   "Swirls" Cat Wings   $ 10


Bumble Bee Eyes   $ 21   White Swan Eyes   $ 19
Black Swan Eye makeup strips   Black Swan Eye makeup strips


Flower Power Eyes $ 12    Sweet Leaf Eyes  $ 12
Black Swan Eye makeup strips   Black Swan Eye makeup strips



How to apply


Click here to See a video on how to apply



Clean eyes then peel off backing   Apply to lid with eye open
1.  Clean your eyes, then peel off the pink backing part way.   2.  Hold the strip by the clear plastic and apply to the eyelid with the eye open.


bottom edge should be just above the crease of your eye   Peel off clear backing strip
You want to make sure that the bottom edge is positioned just above the crease.   3.  Peal off the clear plastic layer.


Apply glitter paste to lid   Add bottom parts
4.  Use the paste glitter to fill in the lid area.   5.  Add the bottom parts in a similar fashion.


Apply adhesive to edge of false eyelash   Apply lash just above natural lash
6.  Apply eyelash adhesive to the edge of the lash and let it dry for 30 seconds.    7.  Apply the lash just above your natural lash.  Put the eyelash on last. This photo shows a bare eye, so that you can see how the lash is applied.
  Finished look  
   Feel free to add some eyeliner to personalize your design.  



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Very sticky, can be worn for days

  From $ 10  


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