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  Stick Figure EL wire costume     
  Stick Figure kit complete, and ready to attach to your garment.  10 colors, Aqua color shown.  
  $ 59
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  •  5- 30 inch lengths of EL Wire, for arms, legs, and head
  • 1- 24 inch length of EL wire for the body
  • 2- Triple connectors to allow a variety of connection options
  • 1- Inverter that uses 2 AA batteries, and has fast blink, slow blink and steady on switch 


Wire is 2.2 mm EL wire in one of 10 colors.  Colors are:  White, Pink. Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green,  Blue-Green(Aqua), Blue, Purple/Violet,   

Each length of wire has a connector on the end and is detachable.  Each piece is bendable and can be cut. 

 Attach to any clothing. 

If you use a shirt and pants, you can disconnect the small connectors to pull your pants down to go to the bathroom. 

You can attach it to a full body painter's suit that has a zipper in the front.  Makes it easy to take the costume off and put it on. 

Attach with super glue, needle and thread, a Buttoneer, with paper staples, or with safety pins.   Clear package sealing tape is fun for bare skin, until you have to pull it off. 


White, Pink. Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green,  Blue-Green(Aqua), Blue, Purple/Violet

The green wire is more green than the photo shows.  

The Lime Green and Aqua are probably the brightest. 

Purple is probably the least bright.




Famous costume at Burning Man.  Looks great when you have several people in a group. 

  This group of Stick Figures got creative with their look.  They added additional pieces of EL wire to make a more elaborate face.   
  This diagram shows how the kit is assembled.  The blue box is the battery box that you can attach to your belt.  The black lines are the 3 way connectors.  The kit comes assembled, but you can disconnect the connectors and re assemble it quickly.   




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